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Pilates Apparatus Training

POISE (poiz)n. balance; stability 

a suspension of activity in a condition of balance 

i.e: balanced body

The "mountain climber" arms off version on the WUNDA chair

Why Pilates?

Pilates for Everyone

Pilates is a method of exercise that is uniquely adapted to the individual "instrument" of our bodies.  When our "instrument" is in tune we move with grace, agility, speed and efficiency.  The Pilates method is geared to tuning our individual bodies with their symmetries and asymmetries that are uniquely ours.  It can strengthen, lengthen, align and promote good body mechanics for a lifetime.  It equally improves performance of  the professional athlete as well as addresses the needs of the bodies that are very, or slightly, "out-of-tune".

Gain Body-Awareness to Improve Your Wellness

Pilates is readily referred to as a Mind-Body Exercise method with good reason.  Each Pilates practice is inherently different from its previously practiced "routine" even if the exercises are performed in the exact same sequence day after day.  Our bodies change from day to day and it is with the mind's awareness of those differences we are able to improve and address the needs of our body to keep it well "in-tune".  As a Pilates instructor, I love to modify the practice for the individual  and fine-tune the movements through thoughtful selection of Pilates exercise repertoire to build the body in front of me.

Pilates principles in action, core strength, precise movement, contrology, body awareness

Physical fitness is the first requisite to Happiness ~ J. H.Pilates


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