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THERESA OUANO, Master Instructor 

Theresa Ouano has over 14 years of Pilates teaching experience and created Poise Pilates on Kauai in 2001. She is a PhysicalMind Institute Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Golf Training Specialist and Personal Trainer. She has over 20 years of experience in martial arts and is a dancer, surfer, triathlete and marathoner. All of this experience has given her a wealth of knowledge about appropriate exercise pacing, realistic goals, injury prevention and astute individualized exercise selection. In April of 2013 she completed the Movement Strategies Course at the Pilates Rehab Summit supporting Heroes in Motion®.







“I’m glad to have had the opportunity to learn from Theresa. She has had a profound impact on introducing me to Pilates. I love it!”
     - Caralie Norman  
“Theresa’s teaching is the best physical training I have ever had. She takes the time to personalize the Pilates Method to best suit the needs of my body. I have felt and seen the positive changes to my posture and in my physique. I enjoy her teaching style because she is encouraging, her cues are clear, concise and she frequently brings a new focus to the exercise that keeps it interesting and challenging. I love doing one private a week and a group lesson -- it strikes a good balance for speedy improvement and is very affordable.”
     - Lucinda
“Theresa Ouano is the real deal! Professional, knowledgeable, patient, empathetic, creative: I can't say enough good things about this dynamic woman! I vacation at Poipu for a month every year. This is the first time I will leave the island in better shape than when I arrived.  And I owe it all to Theresa and her beautifully equipped, sun-filled studio. I recommend Poise Pilates unequivocally - simply the best!”
     - Maggie L.